Art 212, Scenic
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Although this appears as a standard beach and sky photo, the sea was the calmest it’s ever been and the sky was split. There was this tiny fishing boat in the still water, facing towards the looming storm clouds to the right, while the left was bright blue and wispy.

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The abundance of texture aids to the chaos that was going on at Laie Point at the time. Waves were crashing high above the cliffside, and the strong winds pushed the salty air into our faces.

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I couldn’t help but admire the natural silhouette of the mountains and palm trees in the background as the waves rolled forward. It was a warm, sunny day but the trees on the beach were able to provide shade (and a frame).

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After making our way across the barrier of the cove to watch the sunset, my friend and I fumbled to recover from monstrous waves engulfing us. We fumbled with phones and cameras to capture this sunset, when a lady nearby us told us we’d miss the beauty if we didn’t pay attention. I quickly snapped this, capturing the absence of crazy waves, birds flying by, and a sun dipping low.


Night Photography

Art 212, Scenic


A ferris wheel illuminates the dark up into the sky, flames of a fire provide light and warm, friends make discoveries right after sunfall.

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Window Light Portraiture

Art 212, Portraits


Bailee and I sat at her dining room, labeling envelopes for her wedding invitations, listening to music, with an overall comfortable and reflective air surrounding us.

I quickly grabbed Katie and sat her in the chair by the window as the sun began to sink below the skyline, a rushed moment before the loss of light.

Mikee was lounging in our lone chair by the door, that look of pure joy is the expression of someone who’s about to enjoy one good brownie.window light 1 RSwindow light 2 RSwindow light 3 RS

Idea and Image

Art 212, Scenic

idea and image delivery

What I absolutely adore about Hawaii is the vibrant greens because of the abundance of rain we receive on this little island. Whenever I would visit family here on Oahu when I was younger, I was always in awe of how green it was. Even now that I’m living here I still can’t believe how great the blue, green, and sandy yellow color complement each other. There is so much foliage surrounding us, from all different kinds of plants. The intent of these photos is to capture a variety of greens here, with an emphasis on that color palette. I also focused on making sure that despite the harsh sunlight, I kept things under control and properly exposed so that I could really capture the colors.

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Subject Exploration

Art 212, Scenic

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When I was walking down the beach, what I saw, was the beach. I almost didn’t notice these stairs, worn with many steps and ocean breezes. Amongst the dirt and piled rocks, are these stairs, a straight, repetitive form. If you only face the stairs, you’ll miss the vibrant, shimmering ocean and ever green mountains behind you. If you only face the ocean, you’ll miss the stairs that lead you home. Two separate pieces that create the beach.

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