Stone Groove.

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In continuation and improvement of my digital tools project, I’ve had a strong desire to create photographs that can go into the clothing company that I “created” for all the projects. The clothing company was named after the 1970s slang, Stone Groove, meaning “something so cool” it just can’t go away. Rather than mimic or copy the fashion styles of the American 70s, Stone Groove is inspired by big sunglasses, flared jeans, belled sleeves, and vintage tees. It was a time of vocal people, not afraid to express themselves in both words and fashion. At the same time that there was opposition to war and nuclear weapons in favor for peace, a “fashion revolution” was occurring which allowed more fun and funk to be communicated through attire.

The 70s was a time of expression, and I’d love to be able to show how Stone Groove models after that through fashion photography using mostly natural light, and some shots with artificial lighting. Stone Groove is a clothing line full of vintage-inspired, bold, everyday pieces that powerful, expressive women can wear today. I created this brand because it’s so important for women to have clothing options that they can be comfortable in and have self love, yet have the power to be a boss and get their ideas and creations done rather than dreamed of. The intention of these fashion photos are to show both the energy and power that comes from us women, as well as a visually appealing display of the clothes as they would appear on people.

One of my artistic influences is Olivia Malone, who has done many editorial shoots for big clients, drawing together fashion and vintage to create unique, moody pieces. My other artistic influence is Melodi Meadows, LA based creator, stylist, and photographer who shoots more vintage bohemian inspired editorial photos. The final photographer, Bryan Carr, is also based in LA. He shoots photos and does film editing, also fashion editorials that are heavily influenced by vintage styles, predominantly in a lot of sunlight.