Final – Portraits

photography, Portraits

For my final project I’d like to continue to explore black and white portraiture. I feel as though the best of my photographic abilities is used towards capturing people in my life, both candidly and posed. When I photograph people, I don’t just command and snap photos, it’s very important for me to connect with the person and what’s unique about them. However, it’s unusual for me to choose to have my photographs in black and white. When I’m editing photographs, I love to increase the vibrance or saturation to bring out the colors that I saw in person because I’m constantly in awe of all the different hues our eyes are able to see. I guess a technique I’ll be using for my final project would be the black and white, because I want to strip the photo of distractions and tiny details people would pay attention to if it were in color. When a portrait photograph is in black and white, you are able to see directly to the person, their expression, and their gesture. You can more clearly see the purpose of the photo, which is solely the subject.

anuheas photos (1 of 9)anuheas photos (2 of 9)DSC_0404-2anuheas photos (4 of 9)anuheas photos (3 of 9)


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